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  1. The Fear of Missing Art
    12 Jan, 2018
    The Fear of Missing Art
    Months ago [actually exactly a year ago], I wrote an apparently provocative article called “The Curse of Options.” It was not a post of excuses but reasons for the indecisiveness of some men (and some women, too) when it comes to committing to one person. I discussed how for some folks, having several “options” paralyzes them in singleness as they fear choosing one will mean missing out on something else—and something better. Up until that article, most things written about men and their
  2. The Key to "Success" is...
    23 Sep, 2017
    The Key to "Success" is...
    I love Olympic swimming. That one year, when Michael Phelps went crazy, I was glued to the races as much as I’d be for a Bulls Finals appearance (sigh…). The dude jumps off the diving board like its made of hot coal but what he and the other swimmers do next was always interesting to me. They “streamline,” which is to go deep underwater and just shoot forward for as long as they can, often covering a third of the length of the track. Regardless of how good he is, he rarely moved faster than when
  3. Why Millennials Should Go to Church (
    21 Jan, 2017
    Why Millennials Should Go to Church (
    Thank you for posting this article on January 19th, 2017. For all of you in the Life Room, here's a unfinished song for you to accompany the blog as well too. You’ve been at that event — some graduation, some concert, some ceremony — where someone gets up to the mic, shakes their head and says "see, the news cameras should be here showing the good things all these kids are doing, instead of focusing on the bad a few do." The audience always agrees because we know, despite how we are
  4. The Curse of Options
    13 Jan, 2017
    The Curse of Options
    There have been millions of blogs and articles written to express the plight of the single woman, to empower and challenge them in the “love life” area. We men don’t tend to jump in these waters, maybe because we feel that wearing anything less than shining armor will be disappointing. Maybe it’s because it often feels like every ring-less man is simultaneously gold and garbage to some single women—beautiful, intelligent, mature single women that absolutely deserve their hearts’ desires,
  5. A Cry for the Unexposed
    19 Nov, 2016
    A Cry for the Unexposed
    ​ Last week, I nearly cried. At Hamilton. The musical. And not when the lady next to me started sniffling at the end, when the songs got a bit more sentimental and the plot more tragic. But somewhere before the first half ended. Because it was just so…good. So well done. The lyrics, the acting, the singing, the leaps off furniture. And if it weren’t for my cousin, I never would have witnessed it. Let me explain. Cousin Sydney, a long time musical theatre fanatic, was committed to connecting me
"The Human and the Christian fight for our attention, energy, perspective and understanding. The soul is a war zone.  I just thought maybe we needed to talk about some of the craziness that happens between our humanity and our faith."