"The Human and the Christian fight for our attention, energy, perspective and understanding. The soul is a war zone.  I just thought maybe we needed to talk about some of the craziness that happens between our humanity and our faith."

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  1. Entertaining Worship
    03 Aug, 2017
    Entertaining Worship
    Earlier today I posted popular gospel singer Deitrick Haddon admonishing other artists to never “lose the art” in our worship music. He posited that there is room for purposeful entertainment, anointed art, and that God can certainly use music that is not classified as straight ahead “worship music” by today’s standards. A lot of what he said was valid, but there were a few people that argued that “entertainment” should have no part in the Christian music creators’ minds, but that our charge was
  2. Pictures, Or It Didn't Happen
    10 Jun, 2017
    Pictures, Or It Didn't Happen
    There was a time when only Hollywood actors, famous musicians, popular athletes and politicians had to deal with it. They were the only ones that had to experience the hot lights and the paparazzi. They were the only people that had to be extra careful with their words, incredibly concerned with their image and their audience. They were the only people that had to deal with the stress of public consumption and public distribution. And they often died quickly because of it. That time has passed
  3. Smarts That Could Kill
    06 Mar, 2017
    Smarts That Could Kill
    Look, I'm a city boy. There's a lake in Chicago but I've rarely swam in it. I was scared of water for most of my life, so before recently, I rarely swam in anything. All the things, you probably know about big bodies of water, I probably didn't. So when I heard an announcement at a Barbados beach about "red flag" days, I was admittedly a little fascinated.  When there's a red flag on the beach, that means the water is too dangerous to swim in. Duh, that's not a big deal. But then the
  4. Self-Hating Christians
    04 Feb, 2017
    Self-Hating Christians
    Everybody’s been bullied before, right? I mean, you haven’t lived until a chair is pulled out from under you, someone tries to trip you walking down the hall, or a headlock or pinch makes you say “uncle.” You’re not human until someone tells you how fat or dumb your parents are. In my opinion, however, the most humiliating and annoying trick in a bully’s arsenal is not talking about "yo’ mama.” Nothing demonstrates his power and your weakness more than when he can firmly grab your wrist and make