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  1. Not Chance
    14 Oct, 2017
    Not Chance
    Many of you already know that this whole career, this life, this path has been an overwhelming surprise to me. I certainly didn’t push for a record contract and an international platform, mostly because I never really imagined it—especially in Christian music. It all started with some makeshift EP with inkjet printer labels, but show after show, people kept smiling, enjoying, embracing, crying, changing, and thanking God for His song I sang. I didn’t think I knew enough, practiced enough or had
  2. Lemonade
    29 Sep, 2017
    I used to thank God for all the mistakes I've made, sins I've committed and broken relationships I've involved myself in, because, well, they were fuel and inspiration for hundreds of songs. Over twenty of which have resulted in a fruitful music career. The songs that were inspired by a battle with lust, loneliness and poor discipline have touched and ministered to hundreds of thousands of people. Glory to God! It has been so amazing, so quickly, that at one point I wondered if those inspiring
  3. The Key to "Success" is...
    23 Sep, 2017
    The Key to "Success" is...
    I love Olympic swimming. That one year, when Michael Phelps went crazy, I was glued to the races as much as I’d be for a Bulls Finals appearance (sigh…). The dude jumps off the diving board like its made of hot coal but what he and the other swimmers do next was always interesting to me. They “streamline,” which is to go deep underwater and just shoot forward for as long as they can, often covering a third of the length of the track. Regardless of how good he is, he rarely moved faster than when
  4. Entertaining Worship
    03 Aug, 2017
    Entertaining Worship
    Earlier today I posted popular gospel singer Deitrick Haddon admonishing other artists to never “lose the art” in our worship music. He posited that there is room for purposeful entertainment, anointed art, and that God can certainly use music that is not classified as straight ahead “worship music” by today’s standards. A lot of what he said was valid, but there were a few people that argued that “entertainment” should have no part in the Christian music creators’ minds, but that our charge was
"The Human and the Christian fight for our attention, energy, perspective and understanding. The soul is a war zone.  I just thought maybe we needed to talk about some of the craziness that happens between our humanity and our faith."